Taskware Developer Platform

Human and Machine Intelligence

We Are Your Elastic Workforce In The Cloud

The Taskware Developer Platform gives you on-demand access to our dedicated workforce of taskers to programmatically request human executable tasks.

Our engineering team will work with you to integrate a custom endpoint into your existing workflows. Send our taskers your continuous taskstream and supporting metadata.

Simply request an API Key and with just one REST API call you’ll have instant access to your own fully scalable, managed, personal workforce.

Content Tagging

Content Moderation

Data Collection, De-duping and Scrubbing

Quality and Scalability Built In

The Taskware Developer Platform integrates with Amazon mTurk and Google Cloud to bring the best combination of the quality brought by a managed workforce and the scalability brought by mTurk’s workforce and Cloud’s trained machines. As the developer, you’ll get full control of how your tasks are processed.


Getting Started is Easy

Without the Taskware API

With the Taskware API